The Lone Cypress

I#171003     30X40  oil on canvas

The Lone Cypress is THE signature landmark on The Monterey Peninsula. Images of "The Cypress" are everywhere.  In fact , The Pebble Beach Company uses the cypress on it's corporate logo.  It sits along 17 mile drive and has been photographed (dare I say) millions of times.  Just some inside info; The cypress isn't really alone.  There are a few other cypress' along the same rock formation, which are less prominently displayed from the scenic overlook on 17 mile drive. I suppose fewer people would come visit "The Not Alone Cypress".  Anyway. It is a magnificent site.  This painting is based on several photographs I took in 1999, as well as other photo's of the Cypress. The painting sat unfinished for several months before I got tired of looking at it and just dove in and completed it.  The painting now hangs over our fireplace.  I think it's one of my best works and looking at it reminds me of enjoyable times on the Peninsula.