Salinas River

#160301  oil on canvas 24x20 (2016)

Based on  photo by Steve Crouch                                                                                 

The Salinas river was only a part-time river. The summer sun drove it underground. It was not a fine river at all, but it was the only one we had so we boasted about it-- how dangerous it was in a wet winter and how dry it was in a dry summer,  You can boast about anything if it's all you have.  Maybe the less you have, the more you're required to boast.                                                                       

 John Steinbeck. East of Eden

The first time I saw Crouch's photo I knew I wanted to paint it. The colors in the painting are more saturated than in the photo, but I think it's a good rendering of a beautiful landscape. East of Eden is one of my favorite Steinbeck works and the passage above fits nicely with the painting