OITSNICEHERE: Sunrise on Long Sands

#190501    20x16   oil on canvas

OITSNICEHERE is a painting I created in memory of John & Gwen Evans, the parents of my very dear friend Pat Walsh.  She and  her her husband Bob are two of my oldest friends and her parents, for years, have welcomed me into their home in York, Maine. I've developed a fondness for the area and for their family.  Mr Evens passed several years ago and Mrs Evens just last year.  When Pat and Bob invited me to a memorial gathering, celebrating the life of her mom, I decided to honor both her parents with this painting.  It depicts a couple walking along York Beach at sunrise.                I left the figures somewhat ambiguous to allow the viewer to decide who the couple could be.  During the process of creating the work, I imagined the couple to be Mr. & Mrs. E.  Perhaps it's their first walk along their beloved beach in a very long time.  Maybe he's been strolling along alone, waiting  for her to join him again, for a walk in the morning sunlight.