China Cove, Point Lobos State Preserve,                           Carmel, CA

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24 X24         oil on hard board

OOn one of my  visits  to the Monterey Peninsula in 1999,  I  was  fortunate to visit Point Lobs State Preserve, just  south of Carmel, CA.  It's a beautiful   and very rugged park that juts out into Monterey Bay.  Hiking trails wind through the cypress forest and  along the coast, affording  stunning views of the  beauty along the California central  coast.  Seals  and  otters play in  the kelp below in  the crashing surf along  the wind  swept trails.  This painting is  based on photo's I took along the trails.  This  is China Cove; a deep, rocky inlet,  where the crashing  waves provided a natural  sound-track  for  a memorable  day. a