M.G. Gaudiano, Genius & Visionary

I was born in Quincy, Massachusetts i I have always enjoyed drawing but it wasn't until high school that I began painting. After pursuing a degree in education, painting was what I used as an outlet for my creativity. Then, starting in 2004, I created a series of abstracts. Some of these have survived to this day, and I may post them at a later time. When I retired in 2011, I began to concentrate more of my time on my artwork. I began to take classes at the Hunakai Art Studio in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and this is where I began to further explore landscape painting. As for what is to come, John Steinbeck said it best; "No man's memory endures unless he leaves behind something greater than himself"

This site is my effort to share my work.  Art is created to be shared, otherwise the process is a selfish pursuit. My hope is that you'll enjoy what I present and return from time to time to see what I'm up to.  There's lots more for me to share and  even more that I intend  to create. I owe a very special tanks to my wife Katie for her help setting up the site and her unwavering support for my  painting and the rest of my craziness. Love you Baby.   Please feel free to contact me at mggaudiano@gmail.com. Thanks for  stopping by.