A Soft Seascape

200201    16x20  Oil on Linen

A very  simple composition of a  seascape.  I  wanted to  create an almost  abstract series of  shapes that complimented each other  and during  the  "evolution" of the painting, a  sort of  "sky ocean sand"  motif  emerged.  Sometimes,  I follow the painting  in  which  ever  direction it  seems  to go.  This  painting is  a  good  example of  what  happens   when I let the paint and  brush wander.  Strangely  enough,  I nearly  abandoned the  work  when it  appeared as though the process had "gone  astray."  Each painting teaches me  something.  In this  case the lesson  was simple. "Don't  ever give up on  a  good  canvas.  The painting is  always  there.  Sometimes it just takes  some  time   to  emerge.   Enjoy!!!